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100 Cups Mastermind

100 Cups Mastermind

I am thrilled to introduce a transformative group coaching program, leveraging my 30 years of sales experience, a decade of small business coaching, and expertise in marketing and teaching. This initiative focuses on your needs, offering personalized guidance, hot-seat sessions for collaborative problem-solving, monthly networking opportunities, and special guest insights from my extensive network. Additionally, a part of every monthly investment will support Convoy of Hope’s global initiatives, directly impacting small businesses and addressing coffee/water-related needs.

Here's just a few topics you will learn from 100 Cups Mastermind:

  • Personalized Prospecting Journey: Enhancing customer relationships with advanced listening skills.

  • Social Media Planning: Tailoring social media strategies to fit your business.

  • AI Integration For Your Business: Utilizing AI for smarter marketing.

  • Branding: Making your brand a familiar, comforting presence.

  • Crisis Management: Transforming challenges into opportunities.

  • Networking and Partnerships: Cultivating meaningful business relationships.

  • Content Calendar Development: Streamline your content strategy and ensure consistent impactful messaging across all platforms.

  • Customers For Life: Understanding customer loyalty beyond spreadsheets.

  • Mobile/Email Marketing: Staying ahead in mobile engagement.

  • Remote Team Dynamics: Maintaining team cohesion in remote setups.

  • Employee Advocacy: Leveraging employees as brand ambassadors.

  • Podcasting: Exploring podcasting to enhance brand visibility.

  • Gig Economy Adaptation: Integrating freelancers and part-timers seamlessly.

  • SEO and Customer Communication: Simplifying SEO and fostering customer feedback channels.

When and Where:

This group will be Launched on April 11th at 1:00pm Central on zoom. It will be held every Thursday at 1:00pm Central thereafter. You will be invited to a private facebook group called 100 Cups Mastermind where we can network!

BONUS: The class is $97. If you join before April 11th, you will be locked in at $77 a month for life. (This will be the lowest price ever for this program.) 

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