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About Me


Jason aims to leave every interaction more positive than before, creating a ripple effect of positivity in the business landscape. This approach has not only led to long-term client relationships but also the development of a dynamic team focused on achieving their goals.


Jason specializes in collaborating with entrepreneurs, service-based companies, education organizations, and product companies that share a big vision. Recognizing the significance of a long-term thinking in business, Jason helps provide short-term wins with digital marketing, and long-term wins with relationship-based strategies.  


 Key Areas of Expertise:

• Entrepreneurship

• Relationship-driven leadership

• Digital marketing strategies that connect

• Long-term business strategies

• 100 Cups Academy - Empowering businesses through authentic relationships


One of Jason’s standout achievements is the creation of 100 Cups Academy, a program designed to empower businesses in prospecting, developing authentic relationships, and fostering long-term growth. Through this initiative, entrepreneurs learn to build networks, increase influence, and develop custom referral networks, all while embracing a servant-based leadership style.


Demonstrated simply by the success of his business, Jason has proven that authenticity and genuine connections pave the way for lasting solutions.

More About Jason

Jason Elkins looking out over hills
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