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100 Cups Academy

100 Cups Academy Graphic

Are you ready to improve your prospecting and develop better relationships that will help you win business in a truly authentic way?

Discover how to be seen as an authority rather than a salesperson.

100 Cups Academy

Here's what you will learn from 100 Cups Academy:

  • Build your network, and increase your influence, reach and sales.

  • Create a simple and repeatable process for prospecting, forever.

  • Develop a constant stream of business and business referrals.

  • Develop your own custom referral network.

  • Create a true pull marketing strategy.

  • Understand how to work with YOUR personality - tips/techniques on how to run meetings if you are an introvert or an extrovert.

  • Understand how to be likable.

  • Developing 'meeting muscle' - become more confident and prepared in your meetings.

"Jason's program has been a fantastic roadmap to revive what I believe is the most powerful form of marketing for a small business.

It has transitioned my viewpoint of networking from transactional to relational and is already beginning to have a massive impact on my business. If you're looking for a networking system that's a game changer for your business, this is it."

Justin Darby

State Farm Agency Owner

This program helps businesses improve prospecting and develop better, long term relationships so that they can grow their business in a truly authentic way.

One of the benefits of this program is that the attendees will be implementing these techniques in real time and can ask questions and learn during the process.

Listen to Nicole's story below!

Today's 'sales people' need to be viewed as authorities and collaborators instead of product pushers. This program is built on the prospecting techniques Jason used while building his consulting practice, and now others are using the same method to build their businesses.

Bank managers, real estate agents, sales professionals, business coaches and consultants are a few of the groups taking advantage of this plan.





Utilizing Zoom, deliver 4 one hour sessions focusing on the following call schedule:

Plan Dynamics

  • Meeting Mindset and Expectations

  • Define an influencer in your business circle

  • Relational vs. Transactional

  • Why 100 Cups is better today than traditional prospecting/sales

  • Bonus: What it takes to be likable in person or on a video call/over the phone

Week 1 Topics

  • Meeting Energy and Prep - What are you bringing to the table

  • Understanding content marketing - frequency, posts, posting do's and don'ts

  • LinkedIn overview

  • Review of current meetings/challenges/wins

  • Body language and mirroring techniques

Week 4 Topics

  • Meeting Maximization and follow up

  • Stacking technique

  • How to understand your unique connection gifts

  • How introverts can be successful & how extroverts can listen better

  • Tools - 4 Step-Follow up process

  • Asking for referrals

  • Hidden benefits of your new network

Week 3 Topics

  • Who to target first and why - finding your 'dynamic dozen'

  • What to ask - list of questions to keep your meeting flowing

  • Outcomes - what should you expect and when

Week 2 Topics

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