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Jason Elkins Portrait standing in front of the Bat Building

Jason Elkins - Entrepreneur & Relationship-Driven Leader


With a passion for the dynamic energy of small, goal-oriented teams, Jason embarked on a journey in entrepreneurship that had a long runway and an abrupt takeoff. 

Over nearly two decades, he immersed himself in the world of technical staffing and startups, fast- tracking success by fostering meaningful relationships and understanding the unique personalities of clients and teams.


What motivates Jason on a daily basis is the unwavering belief that business can be conducted ethically by leading with the heart. Jason practices a servant-first mentality, prioritizing client needs and team support; Listening attentively, caring deeply about clients and their experiences, and delivering outstanding solutions are the cornerstones of his philosophy.

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100 Cups Consulting

Consultant, Teacher, Speaker, Leader

Your Ideal Solution


Jason is an absolute genius, and I can't wait to apply the 100 Cups Strategy to my business! His networking tips are based in a genuine interest in helping people and getting to know them, which makes marketing feel EASY rather than SLEASY!

Ginny Tutton - Music Consultant, SongFoolery Podcast

Sales and networking doesn't have to be cliche or systematic. People have built successful businesses by "having coffee with friends" and using those conversations as learning opportunities - not just as a means of closing a deal.

Megan Butts - Owner, The Growth Compass

Shoutout to Jason's 100 Cups Program. It's not just a consulting service; it's a treasure trove of sales wisdom and life lessons. I had the chance to partake in the 100 Cups Academy and can vouch for its transformative impact. I recommend everyone take a few hours and learn from Jason. 

 Mike Miller - Owner, Keystone Business Services

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